Summer Refreshments

The weather is warming up, and it’s time to start testing the industry’s latest releases. A couple items on our radar right now.



4.2% ABV. If you’re feeling fruity, this is your drink. It also seems to pique the curiosity of a wide demographic. James got a bunch of “Are those good?” from young and old alike while he was buying his pack and taking it to LA (Lower Alabama) last week.

Lone Star 24|7

2.1% ABV. John’s been getting these in the Austin area (specifically a QT gas station—haven’t found them anywhere else yet). If you drink light beer you should be fine with these. These would be great for a marathon outdoor session where you need to maintain your cat-like reflexes.

Obscure Golf Trail. Course 10 -- Quail Creek

Saw some bad news.  Quail Creek in San Marcos, TX is closing on July 1, 2018.  We used to play there quite a bit.  Knock out 18 holes then head over to Sean Patrick's Pub in town for some Irish Egg Rolls--good day.  You can see a little bit of the Blanco River in one of the pics below.

Obscure Golf Trail. Course 8 -- Flatonia and Course 9 -- Hallettsville

Time for another OGT installment.  Highlighting a couple of courses between San Antonio and Houston.

Flatonia is conveniently located right off of I-10.  Check out that ball washer!

30 minutes southeast of Flatonia you can knock out a round in Hallettsville.  The course is in the city park.

While you're in Hallettsville, take a short trip down the street and check out the Lavaca County Courthouse.


A Cautionary Tale

If you've wondered how fast your drink warms up when it's hot outside here's a little chart for you.

The Setup

  • 1 Beer with no koozie
  • 1 Beer protected with BSG ONE koozie
  • Temperature was in the high 90s, but the beers were mainly shaded

It doesn't pay to procrastinate, but a koozie definitely buys you some time!  Pro tip: If you're using the BSG ONE, scoot the can up a tiny bit so only the koozie is touching whatever you're resting your drink on.  Cut out that conduction between the hot surface the beer is on and your beer.  Thinking man's drinking.

Longhorn Brisket Taco

We made a brisket taco today, and the brisket was the taco shell.  Used a Longhorn brisket flat from our friends at Dear Run Land & Cattle Co. that weighed in around 7 pounds.

Rub applied, and placed on a V-rack on the Big Green Egg

Rub applied, and placed on a V-rack on the Big Green Egg

Smoked over oak for about 8 hours.

Almost done.

Almost done.

Dressed with queso, guacamole, pico de gallo, sour cream, Yellowbird sauce, and some lettuce on the side.

Dressed with queso, guacamole, pico de gallo, sour cream, Yellowbird sauce, and some lettuce on the side.

Yes, it was good.

BSG ONE vs. 12 Gauge

Took a box of sparkling water and a Beretta A400 12-ga to the range today.  Video below is 2 shots from around 25 yards.

And here's the outcome.  The protected portion of the can only has some dents.  You can see one of the pellets is embedded in the koozie (bottom right).

Run of the mill koozies didn't fare so well.

Obscure Golf Trail. Course 7 -- Giddings Golf Course

It's Sunday of the Masters, and time for another OGT installment.  Between Austin and Houston you'll find the small town of Giddings, Texas.  If you've driven Hwy 290 you'll know it because they have a Buc-ee's.  Just down the street from Giddings State School you'll find a golf course.

The Giddings Golf Course is a nine-hole layout measuring in at 2764 yards from the tips.  It's pretty flat so you can channel your energy on some cold Diet Coors.  Nothing spectacular, just a nice quiet spot to knock it around a little.

Speaking of golf, this is the last week to register for the 2016 Austin SEC Golf Tournament.  It's on April 24th at ShadowGlen in Manor this year.  Beer Shield Gear is sponsoring a $10k hole-in-one contest.  Hope to see you there.


Range Day with an AR-15

We took some sparkling water cans to the beat laboratory for a little AR-15 action.  

It was a little anticlimactic--definitely expected more impressive damage.  The bad news is a regular neoprene koozie, or even the BSG ONE has no chance of stopping a .223 round.  The good news is the rounds sail right through, and your BSG ONE is still ready for action.



This was cool, BSG ONE wrapped can took a flip, and stuck the landing after a hit from a Springfield XD-S 3.3" 9mm.  I give it a 10.

Obscure Golf Trail. Course 3 -- Jennings Golf Club

We have a non-Texas course this time.  Driving through Louisiana on I-10 with a little spare time?  Check out Jennings Golf Club.  Jennings is about halfway between Lake Charles and Lafayette.

The course is 18 holes and 6503 yards.  I slipped in late one Friday afternoon, and the regulars were already finished up at the clubhouse.  I had the course to myself and was able to get around in record time. 

Does Adding Salt To Your Ice Help Chill Your Beer?

You've undoubtedly heard that adding salt to your cooler can get your beer slushy.  We decided to do a little test.  You have room temperature beer, and you're thirsty now.  Can salt help?  If so, how much?


IceMule Pro Cooler - Large

Beer Slush Generator (Our conveniently packaged salt)

10 lbs of ice

Room temp cans of beer

ThermaData Thermocouple Logger 

The Test

We punched a hole in the top of the can, and inserted the thermocouple so it was close to the center of the can.  Then the can was buried in the cooler with plain ice for 30 minutes while we logged the temperature data.  Next we removed the first can, dumped a packet of salt in the cooler, mixed it with the ice, and buried a fresh can.

What's the verdict?  Check this out.

The ice and salt mix got the beer 10 degrees colder after 30 minutes.


Obscure Golf Trail. Course 2 -- Landa Park

Not all Obscure Golf Trail (OGT) courses are in the middle of nowhere.  This installment takes us to the middle of New Braunfels, Texas.  Landa Park is 18 holes, par 71, and up to 6200 yards.  It was closed for a renovation and reopened late last year I believe.  They have a bar (so don't roll up with your cooler), and as you'll see in some of the pictures, most of the deer in the area live here.  The course even has iOS and Android apps.

Here's my suggestion:  Go play in early November and you're right next to Wurstfest.

Obscure Golf Trail. Course 1 -- Hearne Municipal

We like playing some golf.  Fancy courses are great, but we also like taking in the out-of-the way places.  You never know when you'll find that hidden gem.  Today's subject is a 9-holer in Hearne, Texas.  It's about 1.5 hours from Austin and 30 minutes from College Station.  The scorecard has it at 6373 yards.  Hate bunker shots?  You're in luck, there's no sand.  They don't sell beer, so plan accordingly, although you'll be pleasantly surprised at the 19th hole.