It Begins

Koozies, huggies--whatever you call them--we're into them in a serious way.  Keeping your drink cold is important, but we think you can do a little bit better.

The next generation of drink protection has arrived.  Here's a little recap of some field testing.

WARNING:  Do Not Attempt At Home

First batch:

First test is a hit from a Ruger LCP (.380 ACP).

The .380 did not penetrate.  Cans don't fare so well (maybe we can make cans next).


Up next was a Kimber Grand Raptor II (.45 ACP).

We can't stress enough that you don't want to get shot with anything, but you really don't want this.

photo 1.JPG

The wrapper is still going strong, but the can has seen better days.

photo 2.JPG

Want more video?  Here's a plain can getting hit with .380.